Interface Concept: XeonD-15xx processor-based 6U VPX DSP board -

Interface Concept: XeonD-15xx processor-based 6U VPX DSP board


Interface Concept unveils the IC-INT-VPX6e, a Server Class Digital Signal Processing board, based on two Intel Xeon D-15xx processors (12-core version), in a 6U VPX form factor. The IC-INT-VPX6e combines unmatched performance at low power with the Intel Xeon 14nm SoC package, together with up to 64GB high-speed DDR4 memory. This new IC-INT-VPX6e board represents a real enhanced dual Intel processor-based design, ideal for use in systems deployed in compute-intensive and defense applications.

Complying with the OpenVPX standard and featuring a PCIe Gen 2/3 switch as well as a GigaEthernet low latency switch, the IC-INT-VPX6e offers 16 lanes on the data and expansion planes, GigaEthernet ports on the control plane and additional 10GigaE interfaces. In that way, it is easily “pluggable” in custom or standard full mesh backplane or in centralized system when interfaced with our ComEth4510a or ComEth4115a switches.

The board also features scalable and secured SATA Nand SDD, GPIOs, USB, SATA ports as well as two VGA interfaces provided by one Silicon Motion SM750 GPUs. Interface Concept provides Linux LSP (IC SDK, others…) and BSP for VxWorks together with the board. Compliant with OpenVPX standard, it is available in air-cooled and conduction cooled versions (compliant with VITA 47 classes).

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