Interface speeds debugging and programming of 68HC08 MPUs -

Interface speeds debugging and programming of 68HC08 MPUs


Computer Solutions is supplying the MON08 Cyclone is a stand-alone automated programming and debugging interface unit for use with the 68HC08 microprocessor family.

The unit links a PC serial port to the processor's MON08 monitor port for testing programs and programming those chips containing flash memory or EEPROM. It provides a better way of working than using the Motorola RS232 interface circuit, which is said to have limited functionality.

The Cyclone interface provides high-speed programming at up to 3kbyte/s and check-sum tests at up to 12kbyte/s. It operates with target voltages of 2 to 5V, and provides automatic detection of target frequency and baud rate as well as providing a clock for the target if required.

Windows-based user-driven or script-driven debugging and flash-programming software is supplied with the Cyclone interface. Alternatively, the unit can be linked to a PC to download a program image, and then disconnected for use as a stand-alone programmer.

The MON08 configuration is initialised on reset, and automatic power sequencing of the target is provided to control security access.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) February 2002

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