Internal upgrade provides improved efficiency -

Internal upgrade provides improved efficiency

You will have received this issue of Embedded Systems in a different envelope than before – you mean you didn't notice. Since our last issue in November there have been a number of changes to the publishing of the magazine – however there is one thing that will not change, it is our unstinting effort to provide you with best technical information in order to design better products more efficiently.

You might have noticed a new face in the editorial panel – after the sterling work done to establish the magazine by the previous editors – David Larner and Chris Edwards, it has fallen to me to carry the baton of excellence.

I have spent 20 years as an editor in the UK on Electronic Engineering, Electronics Times (now Electronics Engineering Times UK) and What's new in Electronics and am looking forward to the challenge of addressing a European-wide market in what is truly a worldwide industry.

It could be suggested that as much of electronics is based around embedded design, a specific magazine might be surperfluous when there is an array of general electronics titles across Europe. I hope that after reading this issue you will agree that there is a void that can only be filled by treating this sector with the specialisation it deserves. Please let us know what you think of our efforts.

By incorporating the Embedded Systems' circulation in to that of ELECTRONICS EXPRESS EUROPE (EXE) we are certainly trying to do our best for efficiency. It brings added advantages to you, the readers, as we are able to concentrate this magazine on higher levels of technical content while our sister publications, EXE, will be able to bring you concise information on the latest products for the embedded sector. Plus the proven reader service of EXE is now also available for products featured in ES – see page opposite.

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