Internet connectivity for short range radio networks -

Internet connectivity for short range radio networks

eDevice has released SmartStack for Radio Frequency (RF) for connecting devices and appliances over short range radio networks to the Internet. Devices that do not have access to a direct phone, Ethernet or wireless GSM/GPRS network can now communicate with the Internet over a local RF network via a gateway using a non-dedicated phone line.

Running on a single off-the-shelf ADI DSP, SmartStack RF eDgate is the integration of a command/control interface, an Internet Protocols stack and a link layer for managing the RF network, a set of router functions and a data modem for connecting to the Internet.

Typical applications include industrial and office equipment, restaurant, commercial kitchen or home appliances, data acquisition devices, sensors, security systems, medical devices and so forth.

SmartStack for RF is based on a node installed on each of the OEM devices and a a gateway connected to a standard telephone line (PSTN). The nodes, based on a PIC MCU, have several I/Os to receive or send information to the attached device: one 10-bit analog input, three digital logic outputs, three digital logic inputs and one serial port (1200 to 9600 baud, optional hardware flow control).

The RF link operates in the ISM band (902-928MHz in North America) with an approximate range of 20m inside and 100m outside (line of sight).

The gateway, based on a ADSP-2187L DSP from Analog Devices, stores all the information related to each node in flash memory. This data is then encapsulated in an email message and transferred, on a scheduled or triggered basis, via the Internet to a specific recipient.

Published in Embedded Systems Europe June 2003

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