Intilop's TCP/IP offload engine gains customer approval -

Intilop’s TCP/IP offload engine gains customer approval


Intilop Corp.'s TCP/IP offload engine (TOE Engine) has exceeded the performance requirements during validation tests performed by one of its customers.

It offers the smallest foot print for a Xilinx V5/V6 FPGA ports, this allows customers room to grow designs or use smaller FPGAs. It is also ported to Altera FPGAs.

Intilop's second generation TOE running at 1G bps was targeted for very high rate stock transaction system design application. It delivered the least latency of under 2 micro seconds and more than 118 MByte/sec TCP/IP data transfer rate which is about 95 percent of the theoretical available bandwidth.

“The 2 us latency is about 25 times faster than the most optimized TCP/IP software, which exceeded our customer's expectations, let alone ours' said K Masood, President/CTO of Intilop corporation. “Our customers say that in this business of high speed stock transactions, having an advantage of a just a few micro-seconds could mean millions of Dollars of added business.”

According to Kevin Moore, director of business development. the company's customers will be looking at its next generation 10 G bit TOE also in the very near future.

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