INtime RTOS adds Windows Vista compatibility, enhanced features -

INtime RTOS adds Windows Vista compatibility, enhanced features

Beaverton, Oregon — TenAsys Corp. has released version 3.1 of the INtime real-time operating system (RTOS) for Windows. The new release adds compatibility for Windows Vista for embedded systems and incorporates new features to enhance real-time I/O and application performance.

In addition to adding support for Windows Vista for embedded systems, INtime 3.1 includes the ability to exploit the latest x86 multi-core processors with a unique form of asymmetric multi-processing — the ability to run real-time INtime applications on one core and standard Windows applications on the remaining processor core(s), said TenAsys.

The INtime 3.1 includes operation with all 32-bit versions of the Windows Vista operating system and provides access to PCI Express and PCI-X I/O devices directly from real-time applications. Other enhancements include elimination of IRQ conflicts through Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI) support, inclusion of gigabit Ethernet drivers for Intel and Realtek controllers, the addition of Win32-style structured exception handling (SEH) for real-time processes. It also offers up to a 40% improvement in real-time clib and floating point library performance, and updates to the real-time USB stack with new sample device drivers.

Message Signaled Interrupts allow real-time applications to bypass the IOAPIC and hardware IRQ lines, eliminating the determinism problems associated with having to share interrupts among multiple I/O devices, said TenAsys. Structured exception handling provides additional developer control over the handling of programming exceptions for C and C++ programs. Sample real-time USB drivers have been added that illustrate how to access multi-drop USB serial devices and USB digital and analog data acquisition and control devices over the INtime real-time USB stack.

The INtime 3.1 release will be demonstrated at the Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Developer's Conference (MEDC) show in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 1-3 2007, in booth #231.

Pricing: INtime 3.1 is a free upgrade for all INtime 3.0 customers that are covered by a TenAsys support contract.
Availability: A fully-functional evaluation copy of the INtime RTOS for Windows can be downloaded from the TenAsys web site Production release is slated for this summer.

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