Investment advice for West Midlands companies -

Investment advice for West Midlands companies

London, UK — Technology-based entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in the West Midlands are to be given the opportunity to take part in a business scheme which will give them an insight into the minds and motivations of investors.

The InvoRed programme, which is developed and managed by the business advisory network Connect Midlands, will next month release Amber Stream, an eight-week mentoring programme that will coach participating companies in the art of attracting funding.

Tom Blount, InvoRed manager, said “Many companies struggle to achieve the vital injection of cash they are looking for simply because they don't 'look right' to potential investors. The InvoRed programme overcomes that problem and also makes sure companies are well armed and well prepared to clinch the investor that is right for them — which is just crucial for the future success of all concerned.”

InvoRed is designed to help organisations shape themselves to become more attractive to investors and to raise funding of between £10k and £5million. The programme is backed by Advantage West Midlands (AWM) and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), and is open to technology companies, or innovators with technology-based ideas and plans.

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