Investment enables custom BGA assembly from silicon die -

Investment enables custom BGA assembly from silicon die


WHITCHURCH, England — CIL has invested in equipment that allows its customers to provide it with a silicon die and be supplied with a custom BGA SMT placed on a fully tested PCB assembly.

Using CAD, CIL can design the BGA substrate in either laminate or ceramic technologies and reflow solder the solder balls using a process that has been developed in-house. The bare die or multiple dies are attached to the substrate using aluminium wirebonds with wire counts of up to 1000. The bare die and wirebonds are then protected with a combination of glob top using a 'dam and fill' process.

This process allows CIL to fully test the finished BGA assembly and is particularly suited to customers that cannot supply 100% guaranteed good die for chip on board applications. CIL is also able to mount the BGA package onto customers PCB assemblies using one of its three SMT lines. This will soon be backed up with in-house X-Ray inspection.

John Boston, CIL’s managing director, believes it is the only company in the UK that can provide this total process and is convinced that this service will be attractive to customers both in the UK and overseas. “We already have a number of customers using this method and are developing further enhancements. Some customers are finding it particularly useful with component obsolescence, where packaged parts have gone obsolete but the die is still available. CIL are able to process the die and manufacture a BGA package solution on a relatively short lead-time”.

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