IO libraries update enhances PXI and AXIe support -

IO libraries update enhances PXI and AXIe support


Agilent Technologies Inc. has released version 16.1 of its IO Libraries Suite  software for test instrument connectivity and control. This release adds additional support for PXI and AXIe instruments and eases the connection to instruments from a wider range of vendors.

IO Libraries Suite 16.1 provides expanded operating system support and improved PXI and HiSLIP (high-speed LAN instrument protocol) functionality as well as automatic detection and configuration of the instrument interface connected to the PC.
There is broad, multivendor compatibility with GPIB, USB, LAN, RS-232, VXI, PXI, and AXIe test instruments. It also works with a number of development environments, such as  Agilent VEE Pro, MATLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, and NI LabVIEW.

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