IoT 30 hour hackathon to be held in June -

IoT 30 hour hackathon to be held in June


As part of the upcoming Internet of Things World conference, a 30-hour app building Hackathon and contest will be held in Palo Alto, Ca.

If you have an idea about what you think will be the next ‘must-have’ consumer gadget this not for profit event will bring together ad-hoc on-the-spot teams of technologists and industry stakeholders to shape the next generation of the connected internet.

Running alongside the Internet of Things World conference and exhibition, June 17-18, participants in the IoT World Hackathon will have early access to the new technology brought to the event by Intel, Marvell and Microsoft and have the opportunity to hone new skills, and work together with new partners/hackers.

A number of challenges will be run, including : Best Consumer IoT Project and Best IoT in the Environment Project. Other challenges will depend on what emerges from the event, where application sectors for the consumer might include Home, Fitness & Health, Car, or use of Beacons. Application sectors for the environment could include Smart Cities, Intelligent Agriculture, Logistics or the Industry Internet.

The Hackathon will give developers, designers, and entrepreneurs the chance to pitch app and product ideas – form teams – build prototypes- and present to our Hackathon judges for a chance to be one of the top Hackathon winners who get Prizes, Publicity and Connections.

Access to the Hackathon is by pre-registration.

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