IoT edge device features secure element for trusted connections -

IoT edge device features secure element for trusted connections

Rigado’s Cacade IoT gateway—an integrated device for edge connectivity, computing, and security—ensures commercial IoT deployments keep devices and data secure all the way to the cloud. Cascade is outfitted with NXP Semiconductors’ A71CH plug-and-trust secure element, which allows flexible, secure connections to a range of cloud services, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, without writing security code or exposing keys.

The Cascade gateway reduces the complexity, risk, and cost of large-scale commercial IoT deployments through a monthly subscription that delivers key wireless connectivity, an edge computing platform, and managed security updates. NXP’s A71CH security IC provides secure credential injection for root of trust at the IC level and end-to-end security from chip to edge to cloud.

With the A71HC on board, Cascade offers intelligent handling of secure connection protocols, digital signatures, digital certificates, and asymmetric cryptography algorithms to generate private and public keys. Rigado’s Edge Direct monitoring tools make it possible to manage gateways and apply evergreen security updates at scale. The result is secure storage of credentials, device authentication, secure code execution, and safe connections to remote servers no matter the size of the deployment.

>> This article originally appeared on our sister site, EEWeb: “IoT Gateway Employs Plug-and-Trust Secure Element.”

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