IoT, M2M, wireless sensor nets: Embedded technology news – Jan 13, 2014 -

IoT, M2M, wireless sensor nets: Embedded technology news – Jan 13, 2014


Collected here are a range of product and technology news stories on the tools and building blocks embedded developers will need to add IoT, M2M and wireless sensor networking to their designs:

MCUs combine low cost, ultra-low power, and 32-bit performance for IoT
Renesas Electronics'new RX110 Group of MCUs delivers a combination of ultra-low power consumption and high performance for entry-level 32-bit embedded IoT apps. 

Silicon Labs targets IoT with lowest power and smallest form factor wireless MCUs
Silicon Labs has combined its ultra-low-power MCU technology with its sub-GHz EZRadio and EZRadioPRO transceivers in a single-chip solution.

Spansion launches flexible MCUs for industrial IoT
Spansion Inc. a complete family of microcontrollers addressing high performance and low power needs for industrial applications.

LogMeIn’s Xively and Linear Technology partner to speed IoT dev
Logmein's Xively and Linear Technology have entered a partnered to accelerate the availability of ultra-low power cloud-connected products.

MSP430 USB LaunchPad and NFC BoosterPack tap into the IoT
Texas Instruments has launched the MSP430 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit and supporting ecosystem of software and support for its portfolio of USB microcontrollers.

ZigBee PRO sensor nodes accelerate Smart Home offerings
GreenPeak Technologies has announced the availability of a low cost and low power ZigBee solution for end nodes in the Smart Home.

ZigBee radio chip enables WiFi coexistence schemes
GreenPeak Technologies' GP501 ZigBee transceivers feature a scheme that allows Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee chips to work side by side in the same device.

Sigma launches Z-Wave Next Gen product portfolio
Sigma Designs' Z-Wave Next Gen product portfolio is designed for OEMs and service providers developing home control products and services.

connectBlue launches Multiradio Module for Internet of Things
The Multiradio Module OWL355 from connectBlue is a ready-to-embed module for industrial, medical, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

PE.STONE platform provides tailorable approach to wireless Internet of Things
PE.STONE (Paradox Engineering SmarT Object Network Engine) from Paradox Engineering SA enables companies to build their own Internet of Things solutions.

Software platform for Internet of Things
The Intelligent Device Platform from Wind River is a complete software development environment built exclusively for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Cloud-based M2M platform to simplify the Internet of Things
The Everyware Cloud 2.0 platform launched by Eurotech provides a foundation to deliver and manage M2M data within the business enterprise.

M2M development kit enables prototypes in hours
Gemalto has launched the Cinterion Concept Board for developers, designed to speed up IoT development.

Nucleus RTOS now supports zero configuration networking for M2M apps
The latest release of the Mentor Embedded Nucleus Real Time Operating System (RTOS) platform is optimized for design network-based devices for machine-to-machine (M2M) and smart energy applications

Samsung plans IoT sensor cloud aggregation strategy
Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions aggregates sensor data from all types and brands of sensors, Internet of Things devices for processing in the Cloud.

Echelon controller network expertise comes to Industrial IoT
Building on its Lonworks wired control network topology, company’s new IZot framework allows creation of Industrial IoT systems bridging wired and wireless, and with or without Internet Protocol use.

Marvell aims at wireless Industrial IoT with Echelon’s IzoT
Company hopes Echelon’s control network expertise and platform will give its 88MC200 WiFi MCU an edge in industrial applications.

GE-driven Industrial Internet Group to debut soon
Because proprietary embedded technology “is dead,” by January new group wants to begin drafting an Industrial Internet framework and identify several open-source projects within it.

Oracle’s plans for a Java-based Internet of Things
Shifting its Java efforts from mobiles and servers to embedded, Oracle has revealed its plans for a broad-based drive to make the language and virtual machine a key building block for the Internet of Things.

LogMeIn launches Xively Internet of Things cloud service
The company is offering a public cloud for commercial internet of things for use as a purpose-built iot platform to reduce costs for developing IoT products

Intel makes a bid for Internet of Things with Quark X86 CPU
Announcement at Intel Developer Conference reveals X86 variant called Quark that it is targeting at the promising Internet of Things market.

ARM Cortex-M0+ targets 'internet of things'
The ARM Cortex-M0+ processor is the latest addition to the ARM Cortex processor family and consumes 9µA/MHz on a 90nm LP process. Early licensees of the processor include Freescale and NXP Semiconductor.

NetX Duo IPv6 TCP/IP stack passes IPv6 Ready Logo testing
NetX Duo IPv6 TCP/IP stack passes IPv6 Ready Logo testing, joining exclusive group of approved embedded solutions for IPv6.

RTI incorporates IPv6 transport for networked applications
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has incorporated Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) support into its RTI data distribution service middleware.

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