IoT security advice: trust no one -

IoT security advice: trust no one


There is a growing belief in the industry that security will be a major challenge in development of the Internet of Things (IoT). But there is hope. Speaking at ARM TechCon, Green Hills Software's CTO Dave Kleidermacher provided some practical advice and design guidelines for IoT developers that can help enhance IoT security.

Kleidermacher's presentation started out by addressing what he considers a myth of IoT security. “People are looking at 'thing' security like they do IT security,” he said, “and focus on protecting the centralized data core.”

But that approach won't solve IoT security, he said, because attackers will go after the weakest link, which is likely to be the IoT device itself. Further, he noted, much of the valuable data (such as account numbers, passwords, and personal information ) is generated or used at the edge.

Instead of focusing on core systems like data centers, Kleidermacher suggests, developers working on edge devices need to start thinking about the principles of high security engineering (PHASE) when creating their products.

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