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IP enhances chip-embedded test and debug instruments


Goepel Electronic used the 2010 International Test Conference (ITC) to introduce the ChipVORX in-system technology for the configuration and control of chip embedded test, debug, and programming functions.

The solution is based on a communication interface in the software platform SYSTEM CASCON, combined with special function libraries (ChipVORX models) structured as intelligent IP.

ChipVORX enables the control of chip-embedded test and debug instruments in interaction with boundary ccan operations and control of externally coupled instruments within one cohesive system platform.

Goepel says synergy with some of its other in-system technologies such as processor emulation test and communication with external instruments allows it to implement completely new strategies in design validation and production tests for boards with drastically reduced test access.

ChipVORX technology enables straight forward control of on-chip test, debug and programming functions of any complexity, based on the IEEE 1149.1 test bus protocol and fully synchronous with other boundary scan operations. The spectrum of possible applications spreads from simple register control, over utilization of primitive test functions to control of complex instruments.
For thorough design validation and for adequate tests in production the ability to control such chip-embedded features in-system – either while in test mode or during normal operation – is important for boards and systems with reduced test access.    

ChipVORX models contain all necessary structural and functional information to control the chip-embedded target circuitry. Models are protected by enable codes and can be generated by Goepel electronic, by authorized IP partners, and by GOEPEL customers.

First implementations of ChipVORX for FPGA accelerated flash programming are already available and GOEPEL says additional models will follow soon. The open ChipVORX architecture provides the necessary flexibility to quickly support the latest standards, such as IEEE P1687.   

ChipVORX technology is available in SYSTEM CASCON software starting with version 4.5.4. SYSTEM CASCON is a professional JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment, developed by Goepel currently featuring more than 45 fully integrated test, in-system programming, debug, and design validation tools.  

ChipVORX  is supported both by low-cost SCANBOOSTER boundary scan controllers as well as by the SCANFLEX hardware platform.

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