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IP theft comes under scrutiny

LONDON — The U.K. Patent Office has launched a review on implementing regulations that would make it simpler to enforce intellectual property rights in civil law across the EU. The move would give individuals and companies developing new technologies and products much greater confidence that their ideas will be protected.

Consistent regulation across the EU should also help encourage greater cross border investment and the increased the movement of goods and knowledge across the EU.

The Patent Office says IP crime has a serious economic effect both in the UK and around the world and its a href=”http://www.patent.gov.uk/about/enforcement/ipcrime.htm” target=”_new”>IP Crime Group has set out a four-point action plan based on the first National IP Crime Strategy published last August.

The EC has also suggested proposals to combat criminal infringements of IP rights. The European Council and Parliament are now taking the Commission proposals forward for further discussion and development. The consultation on EC Directive 2004/48/EC on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights will run until Oct. 7.

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