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IP-XACT-based IDE provides complete environment


NICE, France — Magillem 4.0 is the latest version of a integrated design environment based on the IP-XACT standards by the SPIRIT Consortium.

The tool suite provides a database management system and a design environment including debugging functions and the ability to run generators. Version 4.0 provides a tool for intellectual property (IP) import and packaging, design assembly and flow control.

Magillem 4.0 provides implementation of IP-XACT APIs (TGI and LGI), which is required to support both point tools encapsulation within a SPIRIT IP-XACT flow, and configurable IPs.

The environment enables interoperability and federates existing point tools, languages, methods and models into a continuous, automated flow, it had to support various opperating systems such as Linux, Solaris and Windows. It is java based plug-in in Eclipse and runs on all architectures.

The Magillem import and packaging module allows the users to create an IP-XACT representation from their current IP repository. It guarantees an error proof XML compatible IP-XACT schema using a 'correct by construction' approach. The built in design rules checkers can be extended by user defined rules: here at stake is the quality of the electronic data book, a key to a IP-XACT schema based solution.

The design assembly modules enables a system to be built using either the schematic capture mode or the script commands. Magillem 4.0 has been created to handle and build the most complex SoCs (up to 100 IPs and more than 10K registers) and to keep a comprehensive design entry.

For flow control Magillem 4.0 enables the an IP-XACT compliant generator to be written to extract relevant information from the database at a specific step of the flow.

Three types of generators can be created and executed: those associated with configurable IPs using numerous parameters contextual to the design; those implementing new functionalities into the design flow with the objective of improving or transforming the design and producing code, and those allowing for third party tools to be encapsulated and integrated seamlessly into a flow.

Magillem Design Services (Paris, France) was been established towards the end of 2006 and its team has been a contributor to the IP-XACT specification since 2003.

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