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IPv6 support from OS-9 RTOS


The Microware OS-9 version 4.1 real-time operating system (RTOS) from RadiSys provides IPv6 support for ARM, Intel StrongARM and Hitachi processors. It provides IPv6 through a modular dual IPv4/IPv6 enabled network stack implemented within OS-9's SoftStax networking framework.

The dual IPv4/IPv6 enabled stack is based on NetBSD v1.5.1 and provides a socket API and standard TCP/IP suite functionality for both IPv4 and IPv6 network application environments. The IPv4/IPv6 stack will be included with the standard OS-9 RTOS, along with OS-9's previous BSD 4.4 IPv4-only stack, and has been validated with other OS-9 add-on products.

OS-9 includes the Microware SoftStax Communications framework, Microware Configuration Wizard and Microware Hawk integrated development environment with development and debugging tools. OS-9 is also equipped with a set of APIs for graphics, audio and input.

Japan has announced a government mandate to move to IPv6 by the year 2005.

Microware OS-9 v. 4.1 is available now.

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