Irish MOST fiber optic transceiver selected by Hyundai -

Irish MOST fiber optic transceiver selected by Hyundai


LONDON — Fiber optic transceivers (FOT) developed by Firecomms Ltd. (Cork, Ireland) are to be used by Hyundai Autonet (Icheon, Korea) in its media oriented systems transport (MOST) infotainment networking products.

Hyundai Autonet’s products will be installed by car manufacturers, with Kia Motors the first adopter for its Mohave sports utility vehicle.

“The Korean market is presently one of the most exciting and innovative places in the world for the development of new automotive infotainment systems,” said Niall Keegan, Firecomms’ general manager, Asia Pacific. “Firecomms is very proud to be associated with this first release of MOST products by Hyundai Autonet and Kia Motors.”

MOST multimedia technology enables the networking of infotainment systems in automobiles by providing the means to distribute multimedia entertainment functions among the various control devices around the car.

Firecomms, a compound semiconductor company, develops high-speed light sources in visible range wavelengths. Its lasers and LEDs can be used in optical data communications for small area networks, such as in-car networks and home networks. Firecomms’ low power visible lasers unleash the potential for advances in medical devices, barcode scanners, and optical storage devices.

The company has a partnership with the Tyndall National Institute, a leading European research institute for Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Tyndall was created in 2004 at the initiative of the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment and University College Cork (UCC) to bring together complementary activities in photonics, electronics and networking research at the National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC), several UCC academic departments and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT).

Firecomms was set up in 2001 based on research carried out at NMRC, Ireland’s National Information and Communication Technologies Centre.

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