Irish start-up to extend software licensing and protection to embedded market -

Irish start-up to extend software licensing and protection to embedded market


BERLIN — A recent start-up company, based in Dublin, which provides services for code protection and licence management solutions revealed at Microsoft's Tech-ed event here that it is working on a version of its tools to extend them for use with for embedded systems.

InishTech was founded in June through collaboration between Microsoft IP Ventures and Enterprise Ireland, to take on responsibility for Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services.

InishTech assumed full responsibility for the existing customer base, acquired all rights to SLP Services, and licensed related intellectual property (IP) from Microsoft Corp. Microsoft has an ongoing minority interest in the company.

The Windows eHome Division is among the base of more than 120 customers that InishTech took on board and it is working with other product groups, business teams and divisions within Microsoft to expand the use of the SLP Services solution.

InishTech is aiming to fill a security need by offering superior code protection as well as flexible licensing management services.

The services offered by InishTech allow software publishers and ISVs to license products in flexible ways that support and enable new business models, and to protect their software investment through code transformation, license compliance and product activation.

Aidan Gallagher, InishTech's CEO, said, “We are work on a 'compact framework' version of our products which should be available by the end of the year.”

The services enable the protection of code as well as license information. Users of the InishTech tools can create trials of any duration for customers, allow customers to subscribe to software and create a number of versions of an application all within a single executable. Users can also license only specific features of an application and get utility based pricing and bill customers for exactly what has been used.

InishTech currently employs 10 people but Gallagher said it is in the process of expanding.

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