IR’s Newport facility wins energy award -

IR’s Newport facility wins energy award


LONDON — International Rectifier’s power IC design and manufacturing facility in Newport, Wales has earned a UK national energy efficiency award.

The facility has won the British Energy-NMI Energy Efficiency Award presented by the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI) which goes to the semiconductor facility that has significantly reduced its energy consumption and gas emissions, demonstrating best practices for the semiconductor industry.

Derek Boyd, Chief Executive at the NMI, said, “Since acquiring the site in 2002, IR Newport has reduced its annual energy consumption by 25% while increasing volumes produced by more than 70%. They also have been extremely proactive in engaging other sites in sharing best-practices and have played a leading role in energy management in the UK semiconductor industry.”

IR Newport’s Facilities Director Stuart Langdon, added, “Energy efficiency is of paramount importance at IR and winning this award demonstrates our company’s commitment. It is an honor to be recognized by our industry body for our achievements at IR Newport.”

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