Is UltraGig a blunder or 60GHz Wi-Fi’s future? -

Is UltraGig a blunder or 60GHz Wi-Fi’s future?


NEW YORK – While the debate over divergent wired and wireless home networking schemes and standards rages on, one wireless application stood out at the International CES: Miracast.

The very idea of being able to wirelessly beam what a user is watching on his or her handheld device (a smartphone or tablet) to a bigger-screen TV struck a chord with a lot of conventioneers.

Miracast has shown a path that enables projection of personal media (or Web content readily available on mobile devices ) onto a bigger-screen TV. It does so by completely bypassing artificial constraints put up by broadcasters or other service operators who often prefer a walled garden approach to their Internet offerings.

Meanwhile, a Miracast vs. UltraGig debate is brewing.

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