ISDN BRI card released for world markets -

ISDN BRI card released for world markets


Stockholm—Sangoma Technologies Corp. has released its A500 basic rate interface (BRI) card designed to support the European and global open source telephony markets.

“Our A500 BRI card was developed in response to the continuing world market demand for a quality BRI that works flawlessly when connected to any ISDN switch,” said David Mandelstam, president and chief executive, in a statement. “The solution uses a well-tested and widely-certified ISDN code set, ensuring full resolution of connection issues that have plagued BRI connectivity on open source telephony systems up until now.”

The BRI fully supports the ISDN S/T bus as either an NT or TE device using a reversed module design that avoids jumpers. Features include expandability from two to 24 ports of 2B+D interfaces for a total of 48 ISDN channels; PCI or PCI Express bus support; optional carrier-grade echo cancellation; and support for all open source telephony projects.

The A500 supports the same digital processing and highly-compatible PCI/PCI Express interfaces as the AFT series. It provides the benefits of hardware-based echo cancellation and voice enhancement for scalability for various installations.

Availability: Full production in mid-July.
Datasheet: click here.

Sangoma Technologies Corp., 1-800-388-2475,

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