It's alive! It's alive! (The schedule for ESC Boston 2017) -

It’s alive! It’s alive! (The schedule for ESC Boston 2017)


I feel the urge to run around shouting “It's alive! It's alive!” , just like the mad scientist, Henry Frankenstein, in the classic 1931 movie. Sometimes when you get an urge, all you can do is scratch it, as it were, so if you will excuse me for a moment…

…Ah, that feels a lot better. Now, where were we? Oh yes, I remember — the reason for my exuberance is that I just discovered that the Full Schedule for the forthcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston, May 3-4, 2017, is now available online.

I have the schedule up on one of my monitors as I pen these words. I'm still at the very beginning and right from the get-go I can see some problems. Just looking at the first time-slot, 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, I discover that I want to attend all three presentations: Bootloader Design Techniques for Microcontrollers (to be presented by my chum, Jacob Beningo), Combining OpenCV and High-Level Synthesis to Accelerate your FPGA/SoC EV Application (to be given by my old friend, Adam Taylor), and Native Floating-Point Code Generation for FPGAs/ASICs (to be presented by my soon-to-be friend, Kiran Kintali, from MathWorks).

Ooh! There's a good one at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday — Advanced Technologies for 21st Century Embedded Systems. This little beauty is all about cognitive (thinking / reasoning) systems, artificial neural networks, deep learning, machine vision, virtual and augmented realities, and how all these technologies are coming together. My mother says that this presentation is going to be the talk of the town, but that's because I'm the one who is giving it and she's somehow managed to convince herself that I know what I'm talking about (bless her little cotton socks).

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I just saw another one I want to attend — Eureka!: Clever Items and their Origins — which is to be given by Denny Daniel, Curator and Founder of The Museum of Interesting Things . This is a traveling interactive demonstration / exhibition of antiques and inventions. Among myriad tempting items, Denny promises “much ephemera.” Well, if there's one thing Tiggers Maxes like best, it's ephemera (and bacon, and beer, of course).

But you don’t need me to tell you all this — you can bounce over to the schedule, peruse and ponder it at your leisure, and then post a comment below to tell me which of these presentations tempt you the most.

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