It's ESC time in Boston!!! -

It’s ESC time in Boston!!!


If your idea of fun is encountering new ideas and challenges andlearning to understand and use them, then the upcoming Embedded Systems Conferencein Boston starting Sept. 24 is made for you.

In the weeks leading up to the show, I will be posting, in theTechnical Insights section on, the conference papers Iconsider the most interesting and thought provoking, to give you ataste of what you are in for if you attend.

At the conference, there will be almost 100classes on embedded systems development- coding, programming,debugging, high-level programming methods, new hardware and softwarearchitecture challenges, and more.

(To help you set up precisely theschedule you need, check out MyESC,the online personal assistant that intelligently mines through theEmbedded Systems Conference Boston community and finds the events,people, and products that most closely match your needs.)

For pure fun and relief from information overload, you won't want tomiss the Keynoteon “Improbable Research and the IgNobel Prizes ,” by Marc Abrahams, editor and cofounder of thescience humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research (AIR).

Also scheduled:

ShopTalk. Moderated by leading speakers from the ESC technical programs,these free-form discussions on Linux, Real Time Java and DSP are agreat way to talk to your colleagues about common development problemsand design challenges. Sessions are limited to the first fiftyattendees.

Live Teardowns of Products.David Carey from Portelligent will be hosting a “Live Teardown” eachday in the Commons on the exhibits floor. Get a look at what's insidethe box and how it works.

Get to the #$*&$@!!! Point Panel. If you like a good fight, check out this session, which brings thetechnology debate right to the exhibits floor. It will be live,unrehearsed and in front of the crowd, pitting opposing industryleaders against each other. Because it's held on the exhibits floor,ESC attendees can drop by between classes and jump into the fray!

Slot Car Competition.Take a test run in our slot car competition in which the cars arecontrolled by a real-time Java application that programmaticallychanges voltage to the race track.

If that is not enough to keep your mind occupied, there are the 140 exhibitorbooths, a special Up to the MinuteDesign Solutions Track, and a Distruption Zonesection on the exhibit floor where companies who think they havesomething really new will be holding forth.

<>There's also a beer and chips(silicon) reception on the exhibition floor on Tuesday,September 26, starting at 6 p.m.

What an agenda! I'll be there in as many of these venues as is possibleand I hope we can meet and get a chance to talk.

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