It's not just about the voltage -

It’s not just about the voltage

I'm having a little difficulty with my digital camera. It seems that if you use the flash, the number of pictures you get from fresh batteries is ridiculously low, like less than ten. When I took out the depleted batteries and threw them onto the meter, it seemed as if the magic number was 1.5. If the voltage was above that threshold, the camera would operate. Below that, it didn't.

A little research told me that I was better off with rechargeable NiMH batteries. They're somewhat pricey, but over time, they should pay for themselves. So off I go to the store.

I come back with the batteries and just out of curiosity, I throw them on the volt meter. 1.2 V! What's up with that? These are never going to work. I look at the package, and right there on the front is it says, “For digital cameras.”

I went back to the documentation for the camera, and sure enough, that's the right battery. It took me a minute to realize it's not just about the voltage. Visions of my EE 101 professor dancing in my head. It's the combination of voltage and current. Duh.

Oh well, my camera works and I re-learned a valuable lesson.

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