ITTIA and Express Logic partner to offer ITTIA DB SQL for ThreadX -

ITTIA and Express Logic partner to offer ITTIA DB SQL for ThreadX

ITTIA DB SQL, a relational embedded database for special-purpose systems that require self-contained data management software, is now available for ThreadX, an advanced lightweight real-time operating system (RTOS) from Express Logic, Inc. The combination of ITTIA's relational data management capabilities and the advanced features and system services available with ThreadX is designed to ease development of demanding embedded applications such as medical devices, automotive computers, set-top boxes, and appliances. When data on these devices is stored in a database backed by an RTOS, it is protected from corruption, whether due to unexpected power failure or race conditions, and accessible from any task. ITTIA DB SQL and ThreadX are a complete cost-sensitive solution specifically designed for embedded applications with very low overhead.

ITTIA DB SQL stores database files on file systems that support block I/O, such as Express Logic's high-performance FileX embedded file system. Applications can add new tables and columns to an existing database without breaking existing code, and add indexes at any time to optimize performance for new queries. Applications can also leverage indexes to access data efficiently, whether tables are opened directly or through SQL queries.

Together, ThreadX, FileX, and ITTIA DB SQL meet the resource constraints required for embedded systems, as these technologies are designed to be compact, efficient, and reliable. These products are also scalable, so that the same components of an application can be used across a family of products, each with its own hardware restrictions.

A free evaluation of ITTIA DB SQL for TheadX is available at the ITTIA DB Evaluation Center. The evaluation kit contains a complete embedded database library and support for both on-disk and in-memory data management.

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