ITTIA DB SQL offers M2M data management for the Internet of Things -

ITTIA DB SQL offers M2M data management for the Internet of Things

ITTIA has launched a Machine to Machine (M2M) data management solution based on ITTIA DB SQL peer-to-peer replication technology. Developers can build applications with ITTIA DB SQL that benefit from standard data management features, such as relational model SQL queries, multithreaded access, and ACID protection. For example, a home automation application can monitor the cycle of a washing machine, schedule a coffee machine to finish brewing at a specific time, and check that lights are off when away from home.

ITTIA DB SQL's M2M solution connects databases across systems, handling data exchange and high availability for the application. It is targeted for M2M data management, with redundant copies continuously maintained so that data is always available and devices can always wake up and communicate. Since ITTIA DB SQL is a cross-platform technology, any combination of hardware and operating system software can be used to create redundancy, and applications embedded with ITTIA DB greatly benefit from this flexibility.

ITTIA DB SQL is easy to configure for a variety of M2M scenarios, whether data flows bidirectionally or only in one direction. Dynamic configuration settings are stored directly in each database file, and can be applied without any restart or reload step. Changes to the local database are automatically tracked and can be exchanged with peers whenever a connection is available.

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