ITTIA extends embedded DB-SQL engine capabilities -

ITTIA extends embedded DB-SQL engine capabilities

Bellevue, Wa . – ITTIA has justreleased a new version of its lightweight DB-SQL database library,including a new query optimizer and enhancements to improve indexutilization and add support for parametric queries and statementcaching.

ITTIA DB-SQL version 2.6 executes SQL queries faster through enhancedcaching and query plan optimization. The SQL engine now caches tabledescriptions and statement execution plans to significantly improveexecution time in a deployed application.

According to Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA's President, SQL statements areprepared at run-time, adding small overhead to the program that willbecome very significant when statements are executed many times.

Caching eliminates this overhead by automatically reusingpreviously-prepared statements. Complex queries also execute morequickly by taking advantage of more robust index selection introducedin version 2.6.

To further secure ITTIA's embedded database technology, ITTIA DB-SQL2.6 now has support for SQL parameters, separating query logic fromcaptured data.

Montaseri said the new release heightens the level of convenience fordevelopers and saves time, enabling faster time-to-market ofhigh-quality embedded applications that require embedded datamanagement. SQL parameters also prevent SQL injection attacks throughstrict type checking.

Embedded systems and mobile devices have a wide range of requirements,even within the same product line, so ITTIA DB-SQL is designed to beflexible. For isolated embedded systems, it supports stand-alone accessto local database files through an embedded software library.

Applications can share access to a database by connecting to ITTIA'slightweight data server running on a device or across the network. Anew hybrid library allows applications to connect to both local andremote databases at the same time.

Applications written for Java and .NET can also access ITTIA DB-SQLdatabases through custom object-oriented APIs that have been tailoredfor Java and .NET developers.

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