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Jaluna takes Linux to new level


France — Jaluna has released the three Linux based products that compose the Jaluna-2 product family: Jaluna-2/EL, Jaluna-2/RT and Jaluna-2/VL.

Jaluna-2/EL is the entry point of the Jaluna-2 product family and is aimed at supporting embedded systems running applications with low-end critical requirements.

Jaluna-2/RT combines the C5 micro-kernel and Linux and should extend the appeal of Linux for designs at the edge and in the core of the network infrastructure by providing applications with greater reactivity, predictability and security. In this case Linux is run side-by-side with a responsive, protected environment that handles critical tasks that are beyond the scope of a general-purpose embedded Linux operating system.

Jaluna-2/VL combines the C5 micro-kernel and several Linux instances running on a single machine in a controlled environment.

Each product in the Jaluna-2 family is supplied on a subscription basis with no-royalty fee for deployed systems. The family is available on PowerPC (including PowerQUICC) and Intel processor families.

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