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JamaicaVM 6 is now available for multicore systems

A new multiprocessor version of the JamaicaVM hard realtime Java runtime environment has been introduced by the aicas group, and will be demonstrated at the Embedded World conference in Nuremberg Germany from 1-3 March 2011. The new version is based on the JamaicaVM 6 product, which supports the J2SE Java 6 standard classes. Memory management has been optimized to simultaneously run multiple realtime threads on different CPUs with minimal contention. The assignment of Java threads to specific processor cores can be handled by JamaicaVM or directly controlled by the user. Even applications that were not built for multiprocessor systems can benefit from JamaicaVM 6 Multicore by running memory management on a second processor core, removing this overhead from the actual application.

JamaicaVM 6 is available for an array of operating systems and processor architectures, including Linux, PikeOS, QNX, VxWorks and WindowsCE. aicas developed the multicore version of JamaicaVM to support the increasing number of high-performance embedded systems, as well as to serve the growing demand for realtime applications in server systems such as automation and finance.

JamaicaVM will continue to support single processor systems. In addition to realtime applications, JamaicaVM can be used for graphical user interfaces on Linux, OS-9, QNX, VxWorks, Windows CE, and supports Swing and OpenGL graphics inferfaces.

For more information visit www.aicas.com or email .

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