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Japanese researchers sign up for CoSy

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands — Associated Compiler Experts (ACE) has licensed the CoSy compiler development to Waseda University and Tokyo University for advanced compiler research.

The research group of Prof. Hironori Kasahara and Prof. Keiji Kimura at Waseda University's Department of Computer Science have signed up to use CoSy to develop a C front-end for the OSCAR (Optimally SCheduled Advanced multiprocessoR) multigrain parallelizing Compiler.

The OSCAR compiler has been developed for automatic parallelization of Fortran programs using multigrain parallelization techniques exploiting coarse grain task parallelism, loop parallelism and fine grain parallelism, as well as cache or local memory optimization based on data localization techniques.

Through integration with CoSy's open, extendable compiler development framework, the C front end for the OSCAR compiler is expected at the beginning of the next year.

At the Electronics Engineering Department of the University of Tokyo, Prof. Masahiro Fujita and Doctor Kenshu Seto are working on design automation techniques for application specific VLIW co-processors. CoSy is used here as the main compiler framework and for the development of algorithms for optimal synthesis and code generation for the target co-processors, for which first results are expected by the end of this year.

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