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Japan’s disasters: We’re all in this together

While the immediate impacts of Japan’s triple whammy of earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear plant problems are starting to settle, the secondary and tertiary effects of Japan’s disasters are making themselves felt throughout the world.

At first these events made me question the assumptions we make about the stability of the high tech society in which we are living. But on the positive side, these catastrophes made clear how our technology has  interlinked individuals and corporations in a way that forces us to cooperate and resolve our differences. What affects one country or group of people affects us all: financially, professionally and personally.

As the embedded systems design community worldwide adjusts to the rippling economic and business effects of the devastation, many of you are adjusting the same way you did when the current worldwide economic downturn hit: by keeping your focus on the future – the next new technology, standard, product, and agreement to enhance this connectivity. Some of the design articles, columns, products and news features on Embedded.com that illuminate this future focus are: Web TV specs, solid-state lighting, optimized cellular M2M, multi-core software challengesand learning from our software bugs.

For stability’s sake, we need to keep our focus on the future and the balance that brings to our lives, but it is important for us to also think about how we can contribute – personally and professionally – to helping the Japanese deal with the devastation and regain their balance and stability. We are not only close neighbors in this ever-shrinking world, we are partners in the global high tech business.

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