Joint venture to supply production equipment -

Joint venture to supply production equipment


LONDON — An Anglo-Italian company has been formed to promote Siasprint’s range of screenprinting machines, drying and curing units and accessories throughout the UK.

Based in Leeds, it is a joint venture between the manufacturer and a distributor in which the founders hope both parties will be more interested in generating overall sales than squeezing the other’s profit margins.

Giuseppe Butti, managing director of the Italian manufacturer, has joined forces with two respected figures in the British screenprinting scene; Paul Waterton and Jeff Turley, directors of Registerprint, and also of Vision Supplies, a supplier of Chim Screen Cleaning products and other consumables. All after-sales servicing, maintenance and repair work will be carried out by Registerprint.

Butti said, “Paul and Jeff definitely have the right market knowledge to make Siasprint UK a real success.” Another addition to the Siasprint UK team is Chris Mabbott, who is responsible for technical sales.

Waterton added, “Siasprint UK operates in a completely different way to other manufacturer/distributor partnerships. The directors are dedicated to providing the customer with the best possible machine at the best possible price as it is in everyone’s interests to do so. The arrangement also means there are no ‘middle men’, so if any service problems arise, they will be dealt with immediately.”

Siasprint UK will offer the complete range of semi and fully automatic Sias presses, including the latest multicolour Multiformula.

Siasprint has recently undergone a complete reorganization. Last October Siasprint USA was formed and the offices in Germany restructured in order to cater for demand from central and eastern Europe. Investments have also been made in one of the major manufacturing centers in China which will enable the company to cater for growing demand from the Far East. The customer services team in the global headquarters in Milan has been strengthened as well.

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