Joint venture to use CMOS for advanced medical sensors -

Joint venture to use CMOS for advanced medical sensors


LONDON — Toumaz Technology (Abingdon, UK), a developer of advanced RF, analogue and mixed signal semiconductors has set up a joint venture with Advance Nanotech in an effort to bridge the gap between nanosystems and the macroscopic world.

The joint venture, Bio-Nano Sensium Technologies, will use an intelligent, ultra-low power sensor interface withwireless communication, to create bio-nano sensors that can be implanted within the body to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions. The development effort will focus on the information and communication technology systems necessary for these sensors to interact with their surrounding environment.

Development of the sensor will leverage research in ultra-low power circuits and systems at London's Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, which is being exploited by Toumaz in their proprietary Advanced Mixed Signal AMx technology and wireless transceiver devices.

The Bio-Nano Sensium development is aiming at power consumption orders of a magnitude lower than current microprocessors. This nano-power mode of operation is vital to the longer lifetimes, reliability, and stability required in biosensors, especially those that are implanted within the body. The devices will use CMOS technology to take advantage of mass market low-cost production.

Keith Errey, CEO of Toumaz Technology, said, “Toumaz has worked over the past 4 years to develop a patented, low-power platform technology and we are very pleased to be working with Advance Nanotech to commercialize its use forthe next generation of medical devices in the high-value bio-nano sector.”

Magnus Gittins, CEO of Advance Nanotech, said, “The Bio-Nano Sensium will play a pivotal role in enabling truly personalized healthcare, where continuous diagnosis can be matched to a treatment program tailored to meet the needs of the individual – all within a small, implantable medical device. Previous investments made by Toumaz Technology into the platform technologies, which make the Bio-Nano Sensium possible, take us well into the commercialization process.”

Advance Nanotech is an investment company that aims to commercialize innovative nanotechnology. Operating in three areas, electronics, biopharma and materials, Advance leverages relationships with financial and development resources to enable a product focused fast-track commercialization of nanotechnology. Advance has established relationships with academic institutions throughout the world that are at the forefront of nanotechnology research and development.

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