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JTAG adapter supports Intel XDP, XDP-Sinned, and ITP700Flex connectors

A low voltage adapter provides compatibility between Corelis’ boundary-scan controllers and low voltage JTAG designs operating below 2.5V and is rated to support up to 100 MHz TCK
speeds, employs ESD protection, and is capable of driving up to 90mA on its outputs.

The adapter provides an electrical and mechanical interface to connect any Corelis
20-pin boundary-scan controller to a high density Intel XDP (eXtended Debug Port) connector.
XDP is a 60-pin, small form factor connector designed to extend JTAG by permitting two separate  clock domain scan-chains to be implemented.

Dividing the system scan-chains into two domains  allows increased operating frequencies of the processor scan-chain by moving slower chipset JTAG agents to a completely separate clock domain.

The XDP port runs at roughly 1.0V and has 51 ohm signal termination resistors, preventing
traditional TTL-based JTAG controllers from interfacing to it. The Low Voltage Adapter
overcomes this limitation by providing the appropriate level translation and current drive capability.

Circuit boards having an Intel XDP connector can utilize the low voltage adapter to access the  scan chain with existing scan controllers.

The adapter is available from stock with a list price of $1,500.


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