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JTAG solution for Teradyne ICTs

The USB-1149.1/CFM JTAG hardware platform from Corelis Inc. integrates advanced boundary-scan test patterns into the Teradyne TestStation and GR228x series in-circuit testers testers.

Using the USB-1149.1/CFM with Corelis’ ScanExpress family of JTAG software products, Teradyne users can receive:

  • 100 MHz clock rate boundary-scan test support,
  • JTAG test vector reusability across multiple manufacturing test stations,
  • Testing of IEEE-1149.6 AC-coupled digital networks,
  • In-system programming of flash and CPLD devices including direct SPI and I2C support,
  • Fully automated boundary-scan test v`

The USB-1149.1/CFM is a single slot custom functional module (CFM) form factor board that installs directly into one of four slots on a Teradyne custom function board (CFB). Integration is transparent and once installed in the system, the USB-1149.1/CFM JTAG, GPIO, I2C, and SPI signals are available to test fixtures and the tester backplane. Integrated SPI and I2C programming features make the USB-1149.1/CFM a universal solution for combined boundary-scan, JTAG embedded test, and in-system programming applications.

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