KEC wins gold award -

KEC wins gold award


LONDON — KEC (Aldermaston, England), a manufacturer of EMC backshells, bulkhead glands and panel fittings, is the only gold award winner as part of the Lockheed Martin U.K.- INSYS preferred supplier program.

The program at the beginning of 2007 and sets demanding performance criteria in terms of on-time delivery, quality, responsiveness and quality management performance. The gold award requires on-time delivery and quality performance of 99 per cent, a responsiveness rating of 11/12 and a quality management system score of at least 90 percent.

KEC supplies Lockheed Martin U.K. – INSYS with a specially designed EMC backshell used with a military-standard circular connector. The connector backshell is fitted to a flexible, flat printed circuit board with a ground plane and is used on the Starstreak missile program.

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