Kemet rewards distributors -

Kemet rewards distributors

LONDON — Capacitor manufacturer, Kemet, has acknowledged the contribution made by its Pan-European and local distribution network with the announcement of its 2004 Distributor Awards.

More than 50% of Kemet’s business in Europe is handled via distribution, so the awards are in recognition of real success and market penetration.

The President’s Award, presented for the first time in Europe, but a feature of Kemet’s distribution program in the USA for many years, has been won by TTI Europe.

Marc Kotelon, distribution director Kemet Europe, said, “This award is the result of analysing 28 parameters covering not only sales performance and market share, but also factors such as inventory management, communications, electronic trading, new product introductions and the relationship between Kemet and our distributors. It is a true picture of distribution success and we would like to congratulate TTI on a stunning performance.”

The Award for High Performance Solutions Development goes to Micromark. This category has been designed to recognise design-in activity and fulfilment, and is determined by the ratio of sales of advanced products – such as high CV multilayer ceramic capacitors, multi-anode low ESR tantalums, and organic polymer capacitors – over the total sales revenue.

Anglia Components has been named as Kemet’s top performing distributor for Business Development in Northern Europe. “This award, determined by a mix of revenue level and relative growth percentage, is an accurate indicator of business development”, said Kotelon. “This proves that Anglia has achieved tremendous growth for Kemet products in UK and Ireland.”

Glyn Dennehy, VP and managing director, TTI Europe, added, “We are delighted to receive Kemet’s prestigious President’s Award. We have an excellent relationship with Kemet, as proved by the fact that Kemet won our Supplier of the Year Award last year, and we believe that this award emphasises our whole philosophy of focussing on passive components, stocking in depth and managing the supply chain with sophisticated inventory management systems, all delivered by technically aware sales people.”

Alan Jermyn, marketing director for Micromark C&CD, said, “We have made a huge effort into developing the market for a new range of aluminium organic capacitors from Kemet – using a diversified marketing mix and focussed field sales activity. Now we are doing the same for products such as the high voltage MLCs, T500 series low ESR and polymer tantalums.”

Steve Rawlins, group MD of Anglia Components said winning the Business Development Award was “fantastic, especially considering we have only had the franchise for two years. Kemet’s logistics systems are excellent. They have smart, on-line systems that enable us to deliver great service to our customers, they are very efficient, and are a low-cost of entry partner to work with.”

Kotelon, added, “With such a large part of Kemet’s business going through distribution, it is vital that we have an excellent and open relationship with our distribution partners. In the end this all comes down to people, and I would like to congratulate all the winners and the rest of our network, on the quality of professionals that they employ. It is a huge contributing factor to their ongoing success.”

From left celebrating the awards are: Mike Edwards, general manager, Micromark; Tracy Cann, product manager, Micromark; Jim Wards, sales manager, Anglia; Marc Kotelon, distribution manager Europe, Kemet; Kevin Nicholls, distribution manager Northern Europe, Kemet; Steve Rawlins, group managing director, Anglia; Ros Kruger, general manager UK and RSA, TTI; and Glyn Dennehy, VP sales & marketing Europe, TTI

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