Kent University to host Chinese students -

Kent University to host Chinese students


LONDON — The Department of Electronics at the University of Kent and the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation at Tianjin University, People's Republic of China, have agreed a final-year direct entry scheme between the two institutions.

The will see students study at Tianjin University for the first three years (its undergraduate programmes are four years long) before they join the third (final) year of the existing programmes at Kent. The students who have successfully completed the courses at Kent will receive a BEng (Hons) from the University of Kent as well as a BEng from Tianjin University.

The first intake of students from Tianjin is due to start in September 2008.

Yong Yan, Professor of Electronic Instrumentation and Head of the Embedded Systems and Instrumentation Research Group at Kent, and a visiting professor at Tianjin's School of Electrical Engineering and Automation since April 2001, has helped bring the two institutions together.

“I hope this marks the beginning of a long term partnership with a premier Chinese institution not only in joint teaching and learning but also in other areas such as research,” said Professor Yan.

Professor Michael Fairhurst, Head of the Department of Electronics at Kent, added: 'This is a very exciting initiative for us, and we look forward to welcoming students to this programme. This will be an excellent opportunity for the participating students, allowing them to gain joint recognition for their studies from two very different but individually excellent departments.'

The School of Electrical Engineering and Automation at Tianjin University consists of two departments, four technology centres and three research institutes. It currently has 180 academic and administrative staff, including 24 professors and 61 associate professors, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in electrical and electronic engineering, electrical power and automation engineering, and thermal engineering. The School has approximately 1,500 full-time students (including approximately 220 postgraduates).

It has a reputation for research in measurement technology for two-phase and multi-phase flows, operation and control theory, electrical power systems, micro-computer protection, and electrical machinery and control technique.

The Department of Electronics at the University of Kent conducts research in the areas of image processing and vision, broadband and wireless communications, instrumentation and embedded systems engineering, and digital media.

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