Kilopass gets working 20 nm Antifuse test chips -

Kilopass gets working 20 nm Antifuse test chips


Nonvolatile memory IP vendor Kilopass Technology Inc. has just revealed that its nonvolatile memory intellectual property (IP) is the first antifuse technology to achieve successful test chips on TSMC’s 20nm process. Analysis of the test chips containing Kilopass NVM IP memory modules validated manufacturability, process control tolerance and cell programming characteristics.

According to Harry Luan, CTO at Kilopass, as with the company’s 28nm process experience, the NVM IP in the 20nm process achieved an operating window of over three decades between programmed and un-programmed cells. The Kilopass NVM IP also demonstrated excellent programmed cell current under different programming conditions.

“Next generation SoC designs—network processors, baseband, application processors—that previously relied on external serial EEPROM and on-chip shadow SRAM to contain boot code, configuration data, and security keys are seeking to eliminate this combination in 20nm designs,” said Linh Hong, vice president of sales and marketing at Kilopass.

Kilopass NVM IP is now available for customer designs.

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