Kinetis MCUs add FPU, raise flash support -

Kinetis MCUs add FPU, raise flash support


Freescale Semiconductor is to launch its seventh Kinetis MCU family based on the ARM Cortex-M4 core. The Kinetis K70 MCU family will include a floating point unit (FPU), tamper detection,  graphic LCD capabilities as well as providing up to 1MB of flash.

The sixth Kinetis MCU family – the K50 family for medical applications – will start sampling later this month.

The Kinetis MCU portfolio was first introduced in June 2010 and now contains a portfolio of pin-, peripheral- and software-compatible devices. The portfolio includes human-machine interface (HMI), connectivity, safety and security peripherals.

Freescale says it has shipped more than 30,000 samples and more than 15,000 Kinetis MCU hardware development kits shipped.

Volume production shipments of Kinetis MCUs are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2011 and will be available through Freescale and its distribution partners.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, Freescale plans to introduce additional devices in the Kinetis K10, K20 and K60 families which will also have the single-precision FPU which will extend the range of data-acquisition-intensive applications like brushless DC motor control and digital filtering by reducing computation time and code size while increasing system accuracy.

They will include high-speed USB host/device/On-The-Go supporting 480 Mbps data transfer using an external ULPI transceiver and the hardware tamper detection unit – integrated sensors for voltage, frequency, temperature variation and detection of physical attack.

DRAM and NAND flash controllers will enable the connection of DDR, DDR2 and low-power DDR memories as well as up to 32-bit ECC current/future NAND memories
The graphic LCD which is only on the Kinetis K70 family supports QVGA LCD panels as a single-chip solution or up to 24-bit SVGA panels using external memory, supported by Freescale's PEG Library with simple WindowBuilder interface for GUI development.

Kinetis K50 MCU family sample and tool availability is planned for June 21, 2011. It will include an analog signal measurement and conditioning engine to provide single-chip processing capability for portable medical, instrumentation and test and measurement applications. USB, Ethernet, segment LCD and encryption modules provide options for secure data transmission between system components and the end user via a display.

Initially, 100 MHz Kinetis K53 and K52 MCUs will be available in 144 MAPBGA/LQFP packages, with smaller-pin-count devices planned for the third quarter of 2011.

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