Kit aids content processor system design -

Kit aids content processor system design

The Tarari Content Processor Development Kit is a combination of hardware and software-based subsystem building blocks that enable OEMs, system integrators and software vendors to design and develop performance-optimised, dynamically reprogrammable solutions for compute-intensive applications.

Integrated with the Celoxica DK Design Suite, the Content Processor Development Kit provides a design environment and a set of development tools and guides designed to shorten the development lifecycle.

The kit is the first part of Tarari's Formula-CP Acceleration Series. It includes the Tarari Content Processing Controller, Xilinx's field-upgradeable Virtex Platform FPGA devices and all the other required base-level components, allowing developers to focus solely on algorithm development. This enables developers to create agents, hardware representations of complex software algorithms, that can process specific tasks five to ten times faster than otherwise possible.

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