Kit simplifies wireless charger design -

Kit simplifies wireless charger design

EPC’s 9121 wireless power-charging demonstration system simplifies the evaluation process of using eGaN FETs and ICs for wireless charging regardless of the standard used in the receiving device. The EPC9121 is compatible with both of the current industry standards for wireless power charging: the Wireless Power Consortium Qi standard and the AirFuel Alliance standard.

Based on inductive coupling, the Qi standard uses a low-frequency (<300 kHz) approach. AirFuel employs a magnetic resonant technology that has both low-frequency (100 kHz to 315 kHz) and high-frequency (6.78 MHz) requirements. The EPC9121 10-W power system comprises four components: a multimode-capable EPC9511 source board (transmitter or power amplifier); a multimode source coil (transmit coil) compatible with AirFuel Class 2 and Qi A6/PMA; and two receive devices. 

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