Kit supports energy-harvesting IoT designs -

Kit supports energy-harvesting IoT designs

The Renesas RE01 evaluation kit explores energy-harvesting applications driven by the company’s RE01 Group of 32-bit embedded controllers. RE01 energy-harvesting embedded controllers are based on silicon on thin buried oxide (SOTB) process technology, which reduces power consumption in both the active and standby states and eliminates battery replacement or recharging.

Along with an RE01 controller, which is based on an Arm Coretx-M0+ core operating at up to 64 MHz and packing 1.5 Mbytes of flash memory, the evaluation board provides an interface for an energy-harvesting device and a rechargeable battery interface. The kit also includes an Arduino-compatible interface for expansion and evaluation of sensor boards, as well as a Pmod connector to expand and evaluate wireless functions.

(Source: Renesas)


  • Energy harvesting system: can be evaluated with the power generation elements, the secondary battery connection interface, and sample code available for download from the Renesas website.
  • Arduino Uno Header and PMOD interface supported: enable evaluation of energy harvesting system combined with the user’s hardware system.
  • On-board debug function supported: enable program debugging by simply connecting the included USB cable to a host PC.

Kit Contents

  1. Evaluation Board RE01 1500KB
  2. PMOD-compatible low-power LCD (Memory-In-Pixel LCD) expansion board
  3. Solar panel
  4. USB cable (Micro-B)

Supplied sample code and application notes serve as references for power-management design, and driver software works with CMSIS, Arm’s Cortex microcontroller software interface standard. Also available is sample code for ADCs, digital filter and FFT routines, 2-D graphics memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCDs, and secure boot and secure firmware update functions for improved security.

The RE01 evaluation kit is available now and costs $344 each.

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