Kithara: mobile real time with Thunderbolt -

Kithara: mobile real time with Thunderbolt

Kithara Software has announced the support for the communication interface Thunderbolt. In conjunction with Kithara RealTime Suite, this way all devices in a system connected via Thunderbolt can be registered and controlled in real time.

Real-time capabilities for Thunderbolt allow for immediate communication of components with the least possible delay. This also includes real-time connection to extensions for PCIe plug-in cards, such as for Ethernet or CAN, in order to be mobile on-site and to be able to test and measure directly at the machine.

Since Thunderbolt 3 and the utilization of USB-C connectors, the interface has become relevant for PC users as well, due to data rates of up to 40 Gbit/s, USB Power Delivery as well as support for PCIe and Displayport. Thanks to the expertise of Kithara Software regarding real-time USB connection, the recently announced USB 4, which itself will be based on Thunderbolt, is given special emphasis in future developments of the company.

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