Kits address analog and mixed-signal design challenges -

Kits address analog and mixed-signal design challenges

Cadence Design Systems announced the first offerings in its kits approach to addressing designers' needs. The analog and mixed-signal (AMS) methodology kit is aimed at designers of wireless, wired, and consumer electronics devices to achieve shorter, more predictable design cycles while creating reusable AMS blocks.

The goal of the kit approach is to simplify the application of Cadence technology and thereby shorten time-to-productivity. Engineers can then focus their design resources on differentiation, rather than infrastructure. Cadence kits address application-specific design challenges by combining a verified methodology, packaged in platform flows, with IP and consulting all demonstrated on a representative reference design.

Built up the Virtuoso custom design platform with links to the Encounter digital IC design platform and the Incisive functional verification platform, the AMS methodology kit enables a more productive top-down, bottom-up design methodology. The kit's components address the key productivity challenges which affect the predictability and risk of AMS design: namely fragmented analog, digital, and verification design processes; parasitic effects in AMS; multiple power supplies; and AMS design migration and reuse.

A second kit offering is the Optimization Methodology Kit for ARM processors, which helps design teams enhance performance, power utilization, and area when designing with ARM cores and physical libraries. More information about the AMS methodology kit is available at

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