Kits ease MEMS exploration -

Kits ease MEMS exploration


Worcestershire, UK — INTEGRAM, the Europractice manufacturing cluster for integrated microsystems located at QinetiQ's Malvern facility, has developed two additional prototyping kits and multi-project wafer (MPW) runs for MEMS design and fabrication. These follow the recent introduction of the 'Polysilicon Prototyping Kit' (PPK), which features a 2mm polysilicon mechanical layer.

The 'Metal Prototyping Kit' (MPK) is based on a surface micro-machining process, which allows for monolithic integration with CMOS electronics to enable the production of integrated MEMS devices with signal processing electronics.

The 'Deep Prototyping Kit' (DPK), is based on a process that allows deep, high-mass or high aspect ratio structures to be manufactured using silicon on insulator (SOI) deep dry etch micromachining.

The processes have been tested and used for a number of years to deliver discrete and integrated solutions, such as inertial and ultrasonic sensors, at QinetiQ's Malvern fabrication plant.

QinetiQ's mature fabrication processes have been translated into handbooks and integrated with Coventor's world leading CAD software to allow design and simulation through to prototype fabrication.

DPK and MPK consist of a four month license to Coventor's DESIGNER and ANALYSER software with other options to allow customers to design, simulate and produce layouts of their microsystems, followed by a scheduled fabrication run in the QinetiQ processing facility to deliver silicon die.

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