Knitter-Switch : Rotary encoders come in a wide choice of styles -

Knitter-Switch : Rotary encoders come in a wide choice of styles


knitter-switch produces a wide range of encoders designed specifically for applications in the consumer, industrial and automotive industries.

Described by some as rotary pulse switches, encoders are compact electromechanical devices which convert rotary motion into a digital pulse or signal.

The knitter-switch MER Series includes the latest encoders to be made available. As standard, they are offered in vertical or horizontal versions with shaft lengths of up to 25mm. A variety of shaft types can be specified depending on the end application. These include metal flattened pin, knurled, cut and insulated plastic pin. Custom shafts for most applications can also be provided on request.

With an impulse frequency of between 12 and 24 pulses for each rotation, users can define the encoder’s output to suit their individual requirements. Also, to save PCB space, customers can specify an encoder with an integrated switch, eliminating the need for an extra device.

The MER Series features a contact rating of 5VDC, 10mA and a mechanical life of up to 30 000 operations. Versions are available for PCB mount or single hole mounting.

About knitter-switch

Since its foundation in 1966, knitter-switch has remained at the forefront of switch technology and now provides an unrivalled range of switching solutions from basic toggle types to membranes and tactile switches for today’s complex communications applications.

Knitter-switch has its headquarters near Munich and has subsidiary companies in the UK, France and Asia and strategic alliances with a number of leading distributors.

The company’s website can be found on

For further information contact:

Irene Külb
Neue Poststrasse 17
Postfach 10 02 33
85598 Baldham
Tel +49 (0)8106-36 21 12
Fax +49 (0)8106-36 21 40

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