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Kontron and SYSGO: SAFe-VX computing platform for safety-critical systems


Kontron and SYSGO present SAFe-VX for safety-critical railway solutions. The platform is the first result of the joint technology development from Kontron and SYSGO and is based on Kontron's proven COTS hardware and SYSGO's real-time operating system PikeOS. It allows users to quickly switch to a SIL certified system so as to meet the IEC 61508 standards for electronic systems. PikeOS is currently the only real-time operating system with a certifiable kernel according to Common Criteria EAL 3+, supporting tasks segregation, and therefore implementing functional safety and IT security in one system. With its flexible and modular VPX-based architecture, the Safety Computing platform enables faster time-to-market and a major shrink of the total cost of ownership.

The SAFe-VX systems in a compact half 19″ 4U format is particularly suitable for controlling safety-critical applications in rail transport, whether in rolling stocks or in station/wayside, as it can be used in large temperature ranges and harsh environments, compliant with EMC/EMI standards. It is also shock and vibration resistant. Thanks to its modularity, SAFe-VX is easy to customize and can be easily adapted to requested I/O subsets in multiple use cases.

SYSGO's real-time operating system PikeOS serves as a hypervisor and ensures functional and software security through its strict partitioning. The versatility and clear separation of software tasks allow the concurrent operation of critical and non-critical partitions in one system when needed. Train Operators can perform multiple applications, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence for autonomous driving, on a single platform. The connection to existing communication systems in trains takes place via Ethernet or fieldbus.

In addition, SAFe-VX development platform comes with safety documentation packages, local technical software support and long-term product support of up to 30 years adjusted to the project needs. This makes the platform suitable for the control of all safety-relevant functions for smart railway systems, both for new trains and for the modernization of existing train fleets.

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