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Kontron COM Express Compact Type 6 with 8th Gen Intel Core or Celeron processors

Kontron announced the addition of new COM Express Compact Type 6 modules with 8th Gen Intel Core) or Celeron processors. Thus, the new Intel QuadCore processors with only 15 Watt power consumption on COM Express Type 6 modules are now available for Kontron customers for the first time. Kontron now offers a total of four new Intel processor variants for the Kontron COMe-cWL6 (E2S) module: Intel Core i7-8665UE, 4x 1.7 GHz, GT2, 15 W; Intel Core i5-8365UE, 4x 1.6 GHz, GT2, 15 W; Intel Core i3-8145UE, 2x 2.2 GHz, GT2, 15 W; Intel Celeron 4305UE, 2x 2.0 GHz, GT1, 15 W.

The new Kontron COMe-cWL6 (E2S) modules allow up to 24 GB of DDR4 memory; optionally they are available in Compact format with fast NVMe SSD for the first time. The new COMe is also ideally suited for harsh operating conditions in industrial environments. For example, rugged modules are available that can be used within a temperature range from -40 to +85°C. The option with a soldered main memory (memory down) of up to 8 GB DDR4 ensures even more robustness. Kontron will also offer a screened E2 variant.

The COMe-cWL6 is ideally suited as a powerful successor for existing solutions, as it takes over their pin assignment and feature implementation. Typical applications include communication, digital signage, professional gaming and entertainment, medical imaging, surveillance and security, industrial edge computing as well as industrial plant-, machine- and robot-control at the shop floor level and/or from the control room.

The new COM Express Compact modules support the Kontron APPROTECT security solution based on Wibu-Systems CodeMeter. Kontron APPROTECT Licensing also enables new business models such as 'pay-per-use' and time-based trial versions.

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